PreSoli– We are starting to put together the right and and left hand.  Continue to work with the egg cartons and focus on the feeling of opening and closing the elbow.  Really focus on rolling the bow from string to string and staying on one string.  Practice each of your notes on both strings.

SoliPrelude/Camerata– We are working our way through the book.  Practice all D and A string notes in the book!  Also, continue to work on D major scale, Twinkle, and Hot Cross Buns.

SoliMezzo– Please get your Smartmusic assignments completed.  Work diligently on your concert music: Fiddles on Fire, Rigadoon and Happy Blues.  Continue to work on scales even when we don’t go over them in class.

SoliChamber– Focus on your tone and intonation.  We want a nice, full, confident sound. We have worked a lot on rhythmic accuracy and bowing.  Violin and viola, use your fourth fingers!  Fourth finger should really be your default instead of your open string at this point.  Practice Vanguard with a metronome!  Also, work on playing King’s Court from beginning to end a couple of times to get used to training your eyes to do the D.S.  Continue working in Sleigh Bells Jingling, really focusing on those C naturals. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 11 and Wednesday, December 12 for our special events!  We have been invited to perform for both the Kennesaw Methodist Children’s Academy Christmas Pageant (Dec 11, 9-11 am) and the Governor’s Mansion (Dec 12, 9-10:15)!  We want everyone in this group to be able to participate.  Make sure you let us know if you are going to be unable to attend either or both of these events so we can make arrangements.