Hello, SoliMusica Families!!

This is where you can find a recap of this week’s lesson and things to work on before class next week!  Please click on the date of the post to see full instructions.  Some reminders- please sign in each week.  Please use the sidewalks to enter the building rather than cutting through the landscaping.  Coffee and creamer is available for parents (or chauffeurs) only.  Make sure students have their black binder in class each week as well as required books.

PreSoli– This week we worked on getting our instruments into playing position.  Show your parents the steps: flat on its back, belly, aim to the ceiling, pluck with thumb.  Name your parts of the instrument and focus on your middle two strings..the A and D strings.  We learned the beginning of our first song.  Here are the notes of the open strings: D A  D  –  D  A  D  –  D  D  A  A  D  A  D  – Remember to wait during the dash!  Practice your trampoline jumps on the strings with first and second finger. Don’t forget your shoulder rests next week so we can begin putting our instruments in shoulder-playing position!!

SoliPrelude– Review your instrument parts and proper playing position. Spend time naming and plucking each string.  Next week we will begin working in our books!  Essential Elements for Strings Book 1.

SoliCamerata– This week we really worked on trying to read our note names.  Go back in your book and review D string notes and look at your A string notes.  Work up through number 32 in your book.  Work on your D major scale.  Continue to focus on your posture and correct bow holds.

SoliMezzo– This week we reviewed the difference between C natural and C sharp as well as F natural and F sharp.  Make sure to have Stringing Along and Essential Elements Book 1 in class next week as well as your black binder with a pencil!  Work on understanding Coda and DC in Happy Blues.  Work on the top line of Rigadoon: all 16 measures.  Once you have learned the top line, you make go on to the second line (of the three).

SoliChamber– Focus on scales and tone this week.  Work on really drawing the sound out of your instrument by experimenting with arm weight and proximity to the bridge.  Practice holding out the bow for twelve counts while maintaining consistent tone throughout the bow.  Complete Smartmusic assignments and work on your sheet music!

Other Requests and Reminders: Smartmusic is now up and running.  You should have taken a picture of the class code before leaving today.  If you missed it, please email us for your class.  Families are welcome to wait in the youth room during class.  Please wait in there rather than the narthex (lobby) to carry on conversations.  The volume is amplified in the narthex and is a little distracting to the classes.  If you need a quiet room to complete homework or other studying, you may use the room across the hallway from the rehearsal room.