Students in Mezzo and Chamber who wish to participate in Solo and Ensemble Festival please let us know before the deadline of next week so we can have music to help you pick out.  The date of the event is Saturday, October 20 at Pebblebrook High School.  If you have questions please email us!

PreSoli– This week we continued to work on getting our instruments into playing position.  Show your parents the steps: flat on its back, belly, aim to the ceiling, pluck with thumb.  We also worked on starting to put the instrument into shoulder position.  Here are the steps as a reminder: Hold the instrument out, put it up above your head, move it over to the left, place it on your shoulder, set your jaw in the chinrest. The short version: OUT, UP, OVER, PLACE and SET. Name your parts of the instrument and focus on your middle two strings..the A and D strings.  We continued working on the beginning of our first song.  Here are the notes of the open strings: D A  D  –  D  A  D  –  D  D  A  A  D  A  D  – Remember to wait during the dash!  Practice your trampoline jumps on the strings with first and second finger. We named our first two fingers on the D string.  F-sharp is the two fingers down together, E is one finger down on the D string.  Practice going F#-E-D.

SoliPrelude– Review your instrument parts and proper playing position. Spend time naming and plucking each string.  Next week we will begin working in our books!  Essential Elements for Strings Book 1. Review both parts of Hot Cross Buns.  Harmony is D A  D  –  D  A  D  –  D  D  A  A  D  A  D  – .  Melody is F#-E-D–F#-E-D–DDDDEEEEF#-E-D–.

SoliCamerata– This week we really worked on trying to read our note names.  Go back in your book and review D string notes and look at your A string notes.  Work up through number 32 in your book.  Work on your D major scale.  Continue to focus on your posture and correct bow holds.

SoliMezzo– This week we worked on our G string notes.  Make sure to have Stringing Along and Essential Elements Book 1 in class next week as well as your black binder with a pencil!  Review the exercises we did in the book and sing your notes names so you activate that part of the brain! Work on Happy Blues even though we didn’t quite get to it this week.  Begin learning all lines of Rigadoon.

SoliChamber– Continue to focus on your sound.  We want a nice, full, confident sound.  Also, work on phrasing in your pieces.  Exaggerate your dynamics so the rest of the class can hear what you’re trying to accomplish!  Watch those E-flats and B-flats in Vanguard Overture.  Work on Sleigh Bells Jingling on Smartmusic!  You can find it by doing a search for music.  If you have questions about Smartmusic, please email before Friday!  Otherwise, we won’t be able to get back to you until Monday!