Answers to questions you may have about SoliMusica Academy
Do students need any previous musical experience to attend SoliMusica Academy?
No, we start students with the most basic elements of music including note reading, rhythm, ear training, and the fundamentals of music performance.
Are students allowed to switch instruments during the semester?
We will work with students to ensure they are comfortable and happy with their instrument choice. We don’t encourage switching instruments unless there is a physical reason students are struggling.
Do students have the opportunity to participate in GMEA (Georgia Music Educators Association) events?
Yes, SoliMusica Academy faculty members are GMEA members and we will share event and audition information with our students. These events may include Cobb County Honor Orchestra, Solo and Ensemble Festival, and GA All-State Orchestra.
How much does my child need to practice at home?
Young musicians need consistent, focused practice to show measurable improvement. We recommend at least 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week for beginning students and 30-45 minutes a day for more advanced students.
Do you teach private lessons?

We do not teach private lessons on a regular basis but we will arrange individual help sessions for students preparing for auditions or other special events. Through our SoliEnrich program, we offer limited private lessons during the summer. We also can recommend good private teachers in the area.

Do you offer brass, percussion or woodwind instrument instruction?
We do not currently offer band instrument instruction.
My child has missed multiple classes…is he/she allowed to perform in the concerts?
Students who miss class may struggle with the concert music. We will make this determination on an individual basis by assessing readiness during rehearsals.
Does SoliMusica Academy provide instruments?

No, SoliMusica Academy does not provide instruments for students, but we will furnish information on instrument acquisition in the area. We strongly discourage online purchases. Instruments are often inferior quality and cause problems for students, teachers, and parents!

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