PreSoli– We are continuing in our books.  The students should practice up to number 30.  Also, practice 49-50.  Keep your bow hand relaxed and practice raising and lowering your elbow to change strings.

SoliPrelude/Camerata– Practice your spider crawl up your bow!  Make sure you crawl, not slide!! Work in your book from 54-64.  Each exercise should be simple to name notes for you.  We also worked on the new rhythm exercises found in number 67 and 69.  Make sure you know how to count your rhythm!  Here are the notes for your fiddle song: D-G-D-G-E-G-G-E-D-G-D-G-E-F#-G-G-.  Try to memorize this song.

SoliMezzo– Work in your book on number 192: Simple Gifts and 190: William Tell Overture.  Learn both lines! Be sure to have your books (Essential Elements and Stringing Along) in class each week.  Cinnamon from your Stringing Along book will also be one of your concert songs.  In Cinnamon, be aware of the naturals and sharps!  Pay attention to dynamic markings and bowings!  Review your fiddle song at home.  The notes for the song, Liberty are as follows: B-D-B-D-B-B-G-B-C-E-C-E-C-C-A-C-B-D-B-D-B-B-G-B-C-A-D-F#-G-D-G-G  Home practice is for learning your part, while orchestra rehearsal is for learning other parts or the orchestra and how you fit.  Make sure your part is already learned before you come to class so you can work on the more fun part of rehearsal: listening to everyone else!

Part assignments: 1st violin Cinnamon/Samba: Sebastian, Natalie, Abby, Andrew    2nd violin Cinnamon/Samba: Kaitlyn, Isaac, Tori, Caleb, Rachel

SoliChamber– Write in your counting when you are confused about  rhythm in your music.  It will help you solidify it and prevent you from learning the rhythm incorrectly.  Allegro from Concerto Grosso, A Birch Bay Celebration, Ridin’ the Rails are the songs we are concentrating on for our concert music.  Continue to work on the style of Allegro.  Make sure the spaces are in the right place and are the correct length. Remember that we are not as concerned about notes as we are the style. With that being said, though, first violins, review the fingerings for third position notes in all pieces.  Birch Bay needs attention on key signature and bow direction.  Be aware of your bow direction always and whether or not you are playing the correct direction.  Next week, we will be working on Ridin’ the Rails.  Be ready for it!  Review your fiddle song at home.  The notes for the song, Liberty are as follows: B-D-B-D-BCBAGABGC-E-C-E-CDCBABCAB-D-B-D-BCBAGABDCBAGF#DEF#GEDBG