Happy New Year and Welcome Back!  We were so excited to see everyone back today!  Smartmusic assignments have started back!  Make sure you are spending more than five minutes on each assignment an be sure to listen to your recording before submitting.  Just because Smartmusic gives you 100%, does not mean it was as good as you can play it.  Try to make an improvement.  Smartmusic is meant to be a tool to help you practice, but should not be your exclusive method of practicing.

PreSoli– Today we started our concert song.  We are using both our bows as well as plucking the notes. Try both ways! The notes are as follows: D-D-G-G-D-D-G-G-E-G-E-G-G-E-G-E  Also, practice playing each note on the D and A strings both ascending (going up) and descending (going down).

SoliPrelude/Camerata– We began working on our new fiddle song.  Also, we are working very diligently on recognizing our notes without the names written in them.  Practice pages 14-15, naming each note after counting to three.  See how quickly you can go!

SoliMezzo– Work in your book on number 192: Simple Gifts.  This is one of our concert songs. Be sure to have your books (Essential Elements and Stringing Along) in class each week.  Your other concert music will be given in class and assigned on Smartmusic.  Look at Russian Music Box on Smartmusic for your concert music.

SoliChamber– Remember our discussion about perfect practicing.  Long, slow bows as well as scales and arpeggios.  Some of your concert music is on Smartmusic. Wired, Allegro from Concerto Grosso, A Birch Bay Celebration, Japanese Lullaby, Ridin’ the Rails are all possibilities for your concert music.