No class next week!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our next rehearsal will be the dress rehearsal for our concert.

PreSoli: Dress Rehearsal is at your normal 2:00pm class time.

Mezzo, Camerata, Prelude, please arrive at 10:05am, ready to play at 10:15.

Chamber: Please arrive at your normal 9:15 class time and plan to stay until about 11:30.

PreSoli– This week we continued working on the Monkey Song.  “See the little monkey, climbing up the ladder, see the little monkey, pick the green the banana, (happy little monkey), see the little monkey, climbing down the ladder, see the little monkey, eat the green banana. Each phrase is a different finger starting with the first finger. For the bow–hook the pinky, bumpy thumb, balance on the tip of the thumb, bunny teeth, chomp-chomp, mmm-yummy, rainbow pinky.  For  the left hand– thumb-thumb-thumb-thumb, knuckle on the nut, ladybug tunnel.  Continue to work on your new song F#-E-D–F#-E-D–DDDDEEEEF#-E-D-  This week’s big assignment is to practice Hot Cross Buns with the bow.  The plucking sounds great!!!

SoliPrelude– Continue to work in your books #23-30, 44-45. Your concert music selections from your book are 21 (Seminole Chant) and 19 (Rolling Along). Practice over and over the following eight notes: D string–G F# E D   A string–A B C# D.  Keep working on posture and bow hold. Work on Hot Cross Buns: F#-E-D–F#-E-D–DDDDEEEEF#-E-D-  Also, work on your concert sheet music, Spanish Dancer (some will receive this through email).  Also, work on your scale!!

SoliCamerata– Make sure you are looking at Smartmusic and submitting your assignments.  If you are having trouble, let us know!  Continue to work in your books #23-30, 44-45.  Your concert songs from your book are 18 (Morning Dance) and 34 (Natalie’s Rose). Practice over and over the following eight notes: D string–G F# E D   A string–A B C# D.  Keep working on posture and bow hold. Practice up and down bows as well as different rhythms on each string. Practice going from B-A-G over and over to make that string transition comfortable.  Also, work on your concert sheet music, Spanish Dancer.

SoliMezzo– Continue to work on March Heroic as well as reviewing G string notes. Especially focus on your half steps: getting them close together.  Work in your book on the skill builders in numbers 119-124.  We did 119-120 today in class.  Continue to perfect Scherzo concentrating on moving between pizz and arco. Think about the difference in style between the two songs.

Concert Music Assignments: First Violin on Scherzo–Cairo, Audrey, Sam; First Violin on March Heroic–Isabella, Andrew, Lauren.  You should play second violin on the other pieces.

SoliChamber– Today, we isolated sections in each of our four concert songs.  Your assignment this week is to work through each song from beginning to end with a metronome.  You can use an app on your phone, or you can use the metronome on Smartmusic.  Continue to get familiar with all parts of your pieces so we can really make some music with it.  Exaggerate your dynamics in each song, but especially, Creatures.

Concert Music Violin Assignments:  First Violin on Conquistador and Golden Fields–Catherine, Madeline, Kaitlyn.  First Violin on Creatures and Finale–Pierce, Emily, Cairo.  You should play second violin on the other two pieces.

At the request of the church and for your safety…The front doors of the church will now remained locked.  We will try to be aware of students arriving and will try to meet students out there as they arrive.  If we have already begun teaching, you will likely need to go to the right side of the building under the portico, ring the buzzer and be allowed to enter by the church staff.  We do want to be respectful of the work of the church office staff, so make every effort to arrive on time while there are people in the narthex to let you in.

****A Note about Practicing**** As the students are learning new skills, it is important that they practice them between classes to master those skills.  Just as we would not allow our children to only write the alphabet one time before we assume they are experts at forming their letters, we do not assume our children will accomplish the learning of a new instrument by only playing during class.  Please ensure your children will be able to progress on their instrument by helping them develop consistent practice habits.  The students who consider practicing part of their schoolwork have a scheduled time to practice are the ones who are progressing quickly.