PreSoli– We are continuing to work on pulling a straight bow.  It’s important to continue practicing with your egg cartons.  Feel free to decorate!  Also, practice playing your notes on your D and A strings to get really comfortable with them!  Practice all notes on your D and A string.

SoliPrelude/Camerata– Continue working in your books and singing notes names.  Tap your left thumb before playing anything.  Make sure you are not squeezing!!  Play Hot Cross Buns with the bow adding a bow lift before the repeat!

SoliMezzo– This week we worked on our G string notes.  Make sure to have Stringing Along and Essential Elements Book 1 in class next week as well as your black binder with a pencil!  Review the exercises we did in the book and sing your notes names so you activate that part of the brain! Work on Happy Blues and Fiddles on Fire.  Take a look at Jingle Bells in your Stringing Along Book this week.  We are going to read it for the first time next week.

SoliChamber– Continue to focus on your sound.  We want a nice, full, confident sound. We have worked a lot on rhythmic accuracy and bowing.  Violin and viola, use your fourth fingers!  Fourth finger should really be your default instead of your open string at this point.  Practice Vanguard with a metronome!  Also, work on playing King’s Court from beginning to end a couple of times to get used to training your eyes to do the D.S.  Mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 11 and Wednesday, December 12 for our special events!  We have been invited to perform for both the Kennesaw Methodist Children’s Academy Christmas Pageant (Dec 11, 9-11 am) and the Governor’s Mansion!  We want everyone in this group to be able to participate.